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OMG It's been soo long!

2010-02-18 00:15:41 by Jaalave

I'm sorry it has been so long for me to update. I've been working with other musicians and I mainly write 2 styles right now. One which is folk-type acoustic... another is hardcore punk. I'll get a song up as soon as I can... and I'd love to know what you guys think.

I'm also a lot better, and have new guitars and stuff.

I look forward to recording.



I am sorry its taking so long with another update of music song wise. Basically, my band has been practicing a lot preparing for a show in a few months. We are trying to get an EP recorded, and I will probably upload one of the songs off there. But, I have good news...

I was recently hanging out with The Guitar Store's owner, and we were just jamming. People there loved my playing and were surprised to see I was only playing for less than 2 years, but I was playing both rythem and lead at the same time, holding my own, and playing something I have written. Because of this, I am actually going into the studio (NOT HOME RECORDED, FULL ON STUDIO RECORDING) and going to get a high quality recording on here. And I would love to know what you guys would think of it.

Check out Yokomeso's Tale Of Nutkin or whatever it's called. We were going to record, but that was just much more fun.


Ya... new song. It is basically the same as Take Me, Break Me. I did a better solo and put about 4 times the effort into it and I think it is ok. Tell me what you people think.

I went over to Yokomeso's house after school and decided that we need to work together on another song. We didn't get far because of the arguing, so we had a little game. He is recording a few chord progressions and we will each solo to it and we need YOU to vote on them and see who is the better solo-er to the songs and who you feel more. It will be fun, and remember the real winner is YOU because you get sweet music quicker! And twice the selection.

Expect one of the songs in about a week. I am going to spend time on it and make it as perfect as I can with only using an acoustic.

Also, new equipment soon. And that means quality is up and you will get more styles of music. From blues, to rock, from funk to shred, from emo to jazz. This new equipment will make my music better.

Check out my newest uploaded song. Relive the Horror of Living.

Thank you

2008-08-27 22:44:53 by Jaalave

Thank you for all the reviews. I really appreciate them. Thank you for understanding that I am not using the most reliable tools, so there are some errors and the compressor I use doesn't do that good of a job either Thank you for commenting though. I really like that. It motivates me.

As thanks, I give you a rough cut blues song (Rough as in it doesn't sound smooth, and I have a few mistakes) that I made just because I wanted to say I really like the comments. They make songs come faster. This isn't the best because I am not good at soloing to blues and stuff, so any advice and criticism is welcome. Thank you. (Take Me, Break Me)


2008-08-27 19:47:22 by Jaalave

Hey, sorry for my absence... but I've been busy. I am about to get a new guitar, so quality is about to get a lot better. More songs to come.


2008-07-10 16:03:30 by Jaalave

Hello, I am Jacob Veenstra from Iowa. I am the Jake mentioned in Just Now by Yokomeso. I don't have proper equipment, so my songs/rants are made with a built in computer microphone and my accoustic guitar. I use an audio effect to change the sound. I will post actual songs AND random play/rants. Please comment!